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Our Premium Products

  • 1. Industrial Lubricants
  • 1.Hydraulic Oils ( 46, 68, 100 Cst)
    2.Gear Oils ( 68, 100, 150, 220, 320, 460 Cst)
    3.EP 2 Greases.
    4.High Temperature Grease.
    5.Normal & High Temperature chain Oils.
    6.Metal working fluids, Rust Preventives, Soluble & Non Soluble cutting oils, Neat    Oils.
    7.Cold Rolling Mill Grease ( CS2), & Hot Rolling Mill Grease ( CS2M)

    A. Spelub CS2

    High Performance Proprietary Calcium Complex Grease Spelub CS2 is proprietary calcium complex grease developed from high-grade medium viscosity mineral oil. The custom developed grease has more enhanced properties than conventional calcium complex grease available. It is highly resistant to water and because of its extreme pressure additives combined with other synergistic additives it provides optimum performance in medium to severe operations. It has proud to be more than ideal lubrication for steel plants, automotive industries, paper industries and ceramic industries.

  • B. Spelub-CS-2/M
  • Spelub-CS-2/M is Molybdenum disulphide base calcium complex grease specifically developed for severe operating conditions in steel plants for CCS and HSM, automotive bearings, paper, mining and quarries and other industries. The selective base oil and additive package helps in optimum performance in severe applications in plain and roller bearings with excellent water resistance, working stability, EP and AW properties. The Molybdenum disulphide works as E. P. lubricant in high temperature applications and reduces wear and tear by forming a film between Two meting surfaces. Advantages:- • High drop point helps in higher operating parameters. • Excellent EP and AW properties. • Better water resistance. • Better stability in mild acidic and alkaline condition. • Excellent working stability and corrosion protection. • Excellent shear stability compare to all other commercial products. 1,00,000 double stroke penetration difference is 20 units. The grease stays in applied area. Even with 50% water presence it works better. Reduced consumption and better film formation.

    9. Forging Oils & Compounds.
    10. Construction equipments related greases & Oils.
  • 11. A. PELUB-LC/EM-2
  • Spelub-LC/EM-2 is heavy duty high viscosity base oil complex grease fortified with special proprietary additives. It has better lubrication properties than other ordinary greases and superior water resistance, corrosion prevention and extreme pressure lubrication properties. Spelub-LC/EM-2 is specifically developed for high and shock load condition and works two to three times longer than ordinary greases in such applications. The additive package consist special extreme pressure additives which is manufactured with nano technology. It is 100% ash-less organic product imparts very high extreme pressure properties. Its molecules have dual end as olefic and olefobic that create a high bond with metallic surface that sticks to the meting surface and provide high E.P. properties. The weld load is above 600 kg. The other additive adhesion promoter helps in “stay as is” in applied area. The high grade high temperature special anti-oxidants help in better oxidation resistance and improves change over period of lubricant. The combination of solid lubricant and liquid lubricant additives creates synergistic effect and provides excellent lubrication for better performance. Molybdenum disulphide due to its lower co-efficient of friction reduce metal contacts and minimize wear & tear. Advantages:- • Excellent water resistance. • Better shock load resistance and higher shear stability. • Protects against rust and corrosion as better film formation on applied area. • Higher extreme pressure properties. • Easy pump ability with central lubrication system.

  • B. Spelub SCC-1000
  • Lubricating Grease for High Shock and Load Application Spelub SCC-1000 is formulated using advanced performance additives to provide maximum protection and lubrication for mechanical parts subjected heavy loads and high vibrations. Spelub SCC-1000 contains high base oil viscosity to provide maximum shear strength. The next technology nano particles provide better affinity to metals and penetrated deep in to metal for maximum protection against wear and tear. Spelub SCC-1000 performs and provides longer and better lubrication multiple times than any conventional lubricants.

  • Optima Steamer : Stain Remover & Industrial Specialty Cleaner.
  • 1.
    Optima Steamer
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